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Bargain Den Mold S  -     4H x 9 W x 22L

Bargain Den Mold S - 4H x 9 W x 22L


Item:  Extra Large/deep Monster Mold  

Dimensions:   4H x 9W x 22L


Quality Rating:   2Q

Details:   Gen1 design made with UHMW.  Rubber feet on the bottom vs. the raised caps we currently use. Slow drip at the corner on the hanger bolt cap (with water testing.  Not tested with resin): Consider applying a thin bead of silicone if using a water-like resin.

This is a fantastic mold for the price!!!

Generation:   Gen1

  • About Bargain Den Molds:

    * 1Q (first quality):   Includes one-of-a-kind, discontinued, prototypes that didn't become products, and occasionally used/good condition molds. 

    2Q (second quality):  Functional molds with minor defects, often cosmetic.  These are molds that -- while still quite usable -- did not meet our first-quality standards.

    All Bargain Den molds are sold "as is".

  • Generation Details:

    *Gen1 - Original Lizard Blanks design without recessed caps.  Squared corners, single-sided (only one cap is removable).

    * Gen2 - Rescessed caps, usually with rounded corners.  Single or double-sided, depending on design. 

    * Gen3 - Same as Gen2 but with gasket(s) added.  Single or double-sided, depending on design.

$238,62 Prezzo regolare
$143,17Prezzo scontato
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