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Lizard Six Pack Pen Resin Casting Mold - 3/4"

Lizard Six Pack Pen Resin Casting Mold - 3/4"


The Lizard Six Pack - 3/4" is a multi cast mold with 6 seperate molds in one body.

This mold allows you to cast six 3/4 x 3/4 x 6 pen blanks at the same time. 


This is the Rev 2 model, we had alot of customer feedback saying it "works awesome" but was "over built",  too many hanger bolts to remove easily, well we listened as we always do.  We redesigned the hanger cap and were able to reduce the number of wing nuts which makes using the mold much easier, without compremising the quality of this sturdy-built mold.


The molds overall size is 8.75 W x 7.5 L x 2.25 H which means this will only fit a Typical 2.5 gallon Pressure Pot if the pot is in a horizontal position.


Fits in a 5 Gal Pressure Pot easily.

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