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Since 2017, the Team at Lizard Blanks has been creating the best hybrid resin casting molds on the market. We use premium grade plastics and employ the best construction methods. Available through our store or from our list of premium stockists. 

Lizard Blanks

2024 gnomes edited.jpg

What's New?

Introducing our newest lizards:


Discontinued & prototype 1st-quality molds, and functional 2nd quality molds.  Find out if there's something you just can't live without!

(We also offer standard 
and mini sizes)

New accessory

New in 2024

Coming Soon...

* Gen3 Molds w/Gaskets

* Dragon Lizards!

Check back for updates

Den & Molds 2.jpg


 Bargain Den 
 is now open 

A look at the early days

Why is there never enough time to do things right the first time, but there's always time to go back and do it again?

Phil Hahn - Legend

An awesome stack of resin casting molds heading to an awesome customer! #love #resin #stack #busines


Sherwood, OR

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