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12" Resin Casting Divider

12" Resin Casting Divider


12" Resin Casting Divider

Use in conjunction with our 12x18x2 Charcuterie Board Mold to reduce the size of the mold, essentially creating a variety of size options without having to buy additional smaller molds.   The divider is 12" long.  Slide it across the mold to reduce the 18"  dimension. 


This divider can also be used with our mini cribbage board mold to reduce the pouring area to 1x1x12, for use as a 12" wand mold (last photo).


Suggested use:  Secure the divider with one or two clamps to prevent sliding, and add tuck tape to prevent resin leaking to the unused side of the mold.     (Clamps and tuck tape not included.)  


This listing is for the 12' divider only.  The Charcuterie Board Mold, Mini Cribbage Board Mold and non-stick Clamping Cauls are also available for purchase.  


We also offer a similar 3" divider for use with our Pepper Mill Mold.

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