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3x3x3 Hybrid Sphere Resin Casting Mold

3x3x3 Hybrid Sphere Resin Casting Mold


3x3x3 Double-ended Hybrid Sphere Resin Casting Mold - Gen3

Hybrid sphere mold 3x3x3 with CNC precision cut end caps for easy de-mold. No mold release required. 


This mold features Double removable end caps.  This mold allows both end caps to be removed without the use of tools to help facilitate removal of casting.


This Gen3 mold incorporats a reusable/replacable gasket sytem made from a very tough polymer.  This system eliminates most leaks or seeps at the cap, which can be a problem on tall or larger-volume molds.


Our hybrid sphere molds cast a cube-shaped blank that can be turned on a lathe into a sphere.  They do not produce a Round or Sphere-shaped object.

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