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Welcome to the Bargain Den!

About Bargain Den Molds:


* 1Q (first quality):   Includes one-of-a-kind, discontinued,  prototypes that didn't become products, and occasionally used/good condition products.


* 2Q (second quality):  Functional molds with minor defects, often cosmetic.  These are molds that -- while still quite effective -- did not meet our first-quality standards.   

All Bargain Den molds are sold "as is"


Generation Details

Gen1 = Original Lizard Blanks design without recessed caps.  Squared corners, single-sided (only one cap is removable).

Gen2 = Recessed caps, usually with rounded corners.  Single or double-sided, depending on design. 

Gen3 = Same as Gen2 but with gasket(s) added.  Single or double-sided, depending on design.

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